VO2Master is a small and flexible ergospirometry device with an endless range of possibilities.

The complete device is attached to the facemask: no wires, no tubes, no hassle.

The device runs on a single AAA battery.

VO2Master brings ergospirometry in reach of not only sports physicians, but also personal trainers and athletes.

VO2Master is the world's smallest ergospirometry and cheapest ergospirometry device!

Wireless Ergospirometry

VO2Master gets rid of cables once and for all!
The VO2Master Ergospirometry device connects wirelessly to the free iPhone or iPad app.

Mobile App

VO2Master is extremely easy to use thanks to the free mobile app.

Once the device is linked to the iPhone or iPad, the connection is automatically made at start-up.

Before the work-out a quick automatic calibration is performed and the device is up and running within seconds.

The device streams all the data live to the app which shows the parameters in real-time.

Ergospirometry Parameters

  • Respiratory Frequency (Rf - bpm)
  • Tidal volume (Tv - L)
  • Ventilation (Ve - L/min)
  • Fraction of Expired Oxygen (FeO2 %)
  • Exhaled Air Temperature (Temp - °C)
  • Volume of Oxygen Consumed (VO2 - mL/min)
  • Oxygen Sensor Humidity (Hum. O2 - %)

Heart Rate - Cadence

Other devices, like heart rate monitors and cadence meters, can also be linked to the VO2Master app.

Results are shown in real-time in the app and trend graphs of these parameters are available.


Once the test is finished a report is automatically generated and can be exported to PDF.

The report shows all parameters and trend graphs.

Reports can be exported to PDF and emailed.

vo2master report


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